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Polish Your Prose

Polish Your Prose and Unleash Your Creative Brilliance.


Craft dazzling tales that will stand the test of time.


Throughout our collaboration, expect nothing less than timely and compassionate feedback. Think of me as your personal writing mentor, fiercely guarding your unique voice while making your prose soar.


I'm here to turbocharge your storytelling skills and help you create character-driven, page-turning novels that will keep readers mesmerized.


With a wide range of top-notch services, I'm your go-to editor for every step of the journey.


- Want to elevate your prose to perfection? Look no further than my copyediting expertise.

- Struggling with your characters and plot? Fear not; my developmental editing skills will breathe new life into your story.

- Need an honest evaluation of your manuscript? My editorial assessment will provide compassionate, valuable insights.

- Seeking that pitch-perfect query letter? Count on me for a killer review.

Copyediting Services

I offer an in-depth, intense, thorough, and comprehensive edit that tackles your manuscript line by line. As part of the process, I check for and correct grammar, spelling, syntax, and punctuation errors. I make sure that all loose ends are tied. I check for factually incorrect statements, potential legal liability, and inconsistency within your story.

Book Coaching Services

Choosing a writing coach is like embarking on a creative journey outside the classroom—it's your personal apprenticeship in the world of writing. Picture yourself creating while learning in order to finally complete your manuscript!


I will be your partner, helping you shape your ideas and set goals. I will give honest feedback and provide the resources, education, and motivation to level up your writing.

Editorial and Developmental Assessments

My editorial assessment services are specifically personalized to the needs of each individual author. Do wild, unruly characters and plot ideas swirl in your mind? We'll tame them into bestselling brilliance.


The book whisperer is here to unravel those plot knots, punch up the prose, and make your characters spring off the page.


After you have a chance to mull over the editorial assessment feedback, I offer an in-person, 40-minute video call to answer any questions and brainstorm any sagging middles!

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